Friday, March 16, 2012

Tank Diary: Week 2

Week 2

The cloudiness has subsided a bit this week and I'm getting nice growth on most of the plants. The val is the exception which seems to be melting majorly. The lilaeopsis also isn't doing much but I wouldn't say it's dying, just holding its own.
Day 8
With the unexpected failure in the val, I don't have as much plant biomass as I had hoped. I picked up a couple of water lettuce at a garden store today to ensure I have some emergent growth to suck up any excess nutrients. I've also added some more flow, courtesy of an internal powerhead. 

Day 12 (50% water change)

Day 13
7.4 (pH), 0.125 ppm (NH3/NH4), 0 ppm (NO2), 0 ppm (NO3), 2.5 (KH), 3 (GH) 

Still no major changes to water parameters and ammonia seems to have reduced slightly which is a bit unexpected. I wonder whether this is due to the soil substrate, plant mass or bacteria causing the cloudiness?? The cloudiness has definitely improved, but the water is definitely a long way from clear.

Very tempted to add some fish given the stable parameters, but will hold off for a bit longer.

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