Friday, March 23, 2012

Tank Diary: Week 3

Week 3 

I've noticed some pond snails which must have come in on the water lettuce which I'm a bit disappointed in. The perils of buying plants from a garden centre! At least they'll help to fast-track the decomposition of dead plants.
Day 15
Another major water change (60%) on day 17 which has improved the clarity once again. Unfortunately my Bacopa is starting to melt halfway up the stems, even though there appears to be new growth at the tops. Chain swords, Hygro, water sprite are the standouts in terms of growth. Can't see any new growth on the large amazons which I would have expected by now.
Day 17 (post 60% water change)
7.4 (pH), 0.125 ppm (NH3/NH4), 0 ppm (NO2), 0 ppm (NO3), 3 (KH), 3.5 (GH)

Water parameters holding up, so I went to look for some algae control fish today. Picked up 2 SAE's and couldn't resist adding some neons (23 of them, which was nice for a $20 special!). No oto's so I'll need to search further afield for these.

The Bacopa and Val are still melting. One bunch of the bacopa is a lot worse than the other.
Day 21
7.4 (pH), 0.125 ppm (NH3/NH4), 0 ppm (NO2), 0 ppm (NO3), 3 (KH), 4 (GH)
I've put together a sequence of shots showing the tank after 50% water changes over the first 3 weeks. Cloudiness is progressively getting better. Still not perfect, but not bad enough for the tank to look horrible.

Week1, Week 2 and Week 3 (after water changes)

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