Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tank Diary: Week 4

Week 4

Well I've finally detected nitrate on day 24. Ammonia is still detectable in a very small amount, but I haven't detected any nitrite readings at all. I figure the plants are just sucking it all up before I can detect it. The tank can't be far from being fully cycled but I'll give it some more time before adding significantly to the fish load.

I picked up two oto's on day 24 to supplement the SAEs as I've noticed some minor algae on the glass and anubias. I know a school would have been better, but at $10 each and from an LFS tank store that wasn't the healthiest I'm a bit dubious having never kept them before and knowing their sensitivity over the first few weeks. 

Still debating what fish to put in here. I'll add to the school of neons at the wife's request and also reckon a school of cory's would look great. Not sure about the bigger inhabitants. Given the neons, I won't go with angelfish, perhaps pearl gouramis and a couple of Rams?
Day 24
7.4 (pH), 0.125 ppm (NH3/NH4), 0 ppm (NO2), 2.5 ppm (NO3), 3 (KH), 4 (GH)

My broad leaved chain swords
Assorted anubias

What looks like hair algae on my driftwood

I've noticed a tiny bit of thread and hair algae on one of the bits of driftwood. Not too worried about this yet, but I won't crank up the photoperiod just yet. I won't feed as heavily and expect the SAE's and oto's to clean it up.

I also had my first casualty today with a dead neon in the filter. This one looked liked it had a swollen abdomen, so I'm hoping it's just an internal issue. Oto's are going great. I'm pretty sure I have a male and female given the size and belly difference. Male is a lot more active. Have noticed that the SAEs bicker amongst themselves a bit, but nothing too serious.

Getting close to emergent growth on the hygro which is great. Bacopa is really struggling and most of the val has melted. I wonder if the soft water is the culprit? I trimmed a few dead leaves this week and removed a lot of the mulm from the val and bacopa.

Day 26

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