Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tank Diary: Week 7

Into week 7 and my plants (mainly chain swords) are showing some signs of nutrient deficiencies according to the guys over at

My assumption had been that the soil, combined with fish food would be enough nutrients for the plants. However, I've been changing the water regularly in an attempt to resolve my cloudiness issues (improved but not 100% happy still). In the process, I've been inadvertently depriving the plants of the opportunity to soak up the nutrients from the fish food and fish waste.

At the start of week 7, I'm still obtaining nitrate readings of close to zero. Which means that the plants are probably soaking all this up and I'm not helping the cause with frequent water changes.

Here are the things I'm going to do to try to resolve the nutrient issue:
  • Avoid water changes for a while
  • Up the fishload
  • Back off my photoperiod from 8 to 7 hours (which will reduce nutrient requirements)
  • Remove my water lettuce (which was inserted to soak up a potential nutrient spike from the submerged soil substrate)
  • Insert some DIY root ferts under my chain swords, amazon swords and val.
A couple of picks at the start of week 7 below.

Day 43
7.4 (pH), 0 ppm (NH3/NH4), 0 ppm (NO2), 5.0 ppm (NO3), 3 (KH), 4 (GH) 

Disintegrating chain swords (day 43)

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