Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tank Diary: Week 10

New Val

Unfortunately after 10 weeks my corkscrew val is yet to show any signs of growth. Of the 8 bunches I started with, 3 remain. These 3 are not showing any signs of vertical growth or runners but do not appear to be melting.

Val was integral to my aquascape, so I'm now trying regular (thin) val sourced from the LFS to see whether I have more success. After picking up a few bunches, I'm really happy with the look. Fingers crossed it settles in! I also grabbed another pot of lilaeopsis to add to the left hand foreground. The original lilaeopsis is slowly spreading, but at a much lower height.

Day 67


I've added more DIY root tabs under the swords, chain swords, val and crypts. Since the first round of ferts a few weeks ago, the ambulia has really picked up and the chain swords appear healthier. Not entirely sure whether this is due to the ferts or higher nitrate levels.

I cleaned my eheim for the first time today to remove the charcoal. I replaced the charcoal pad with a few layers of sponge which has restricted the flow slightly. Wasn't as dirty as I thought it may be, but I have noticed the clarity improve a little.

Next Steps

I'm really pleased with how the tank is coming along. More red in the aquascape, and a couple of dwarf cichilds are the only things left on my immediate radar! :)

Update on chain swords

I thought I'd post a couple of pics showing the difference the osmocote ferts (and reduced water changes) have made to the health of my chain swords. Still not growing quickly, but much healthier. I've upped the photoperiod back to 8 hours (3 hr, 3.5 hr siesta, 5 hrs) on day 70.


4 weeks after adding osmocote & reducing water changes

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